A Study On Different Type of Unit Trust Investment Method

LATEST UPDATE: 3 December 2013

You can download the file here

This is my own study of 3 different unit trust investment method. Truly a shocking considering the fact that Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) method was the most promoted method within the unit trust industry. Is there something they know that we didn’t know? Let the data speak for it self.

The data is based on CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive Fund (IEAF), CIMB Money Market Fund (MMF) and CIMB Islamic Money Market Fund (IMMF). The analysis of all 3 unit trust investment method were based on the same time period.

I encourage you to conduct your own study and compare with my own. I’m can gladly give the data to anyone who wanted it. The data was not so easy to get. Although available to public from the unit trust company website, but the data still not complete and full of inconsistencies (I wonder why??? Hmmmm…). You are forced to contact them through phone/email for a complete set of it.

p/s: Actually, I’ve to become an agent to get this data. Yes, I’m an agent for CIMB Wealth Advisors. You got to be an insider to know what’s going on.

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