Chart Pattern Trading and Dan Zanger

Trader Dan Zanger of first hit the media spotlight in December 2000 when he was featured in a Fortune article. The article, entitled “My Stocks Are Up 10,000%!” discussed how he had turned $11,000 into $18 million in 18 months (with a return of 164,000%), an unofficial world record for trading stocks (with the tax receipts to prove it). Not mentioned in the article was that in 23 months, the total grew to $42 million.

Also not mentioned except in passing was much detail about Zanger’s trading techniques, indicators, and philosophies or an outline of his typical trading day. He uses chart patterns to find high-volatility (“frisky”) stocks. The article piqued the interest of many readers about the art of technical analysis and provided insight into what is possible for those with the skill and dedication. How is he doing more than two years later? How does he trade and what motivates him? STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor Matt Blackman caught up with Dan Zanger by telephone on April 23, 2003, at his home in Florida.