Societal Darwininsm

By Al Thomas

Many years ago when Charles Darwin collected specimens he noted that Nature followed a pattern that repeated over and over. As time past the fittest survived. The ones that made errors disappeared.
It seems we have a similar situation in our country. It is a shame we are the observers who must suffer the consequences of those who have not learned to evolve.

Economic history continues to repeat and each time it follows an unsuccessful pattern the subject dies or disappears.

Power hungry politicians now control our government. Unfortunately they have not learned the unsuccessful patterns from history and now follow a failed method. There are two major errors now being compounded by Washington.

The first and very obvious is the slow and inevitable destruction of our currency. Real dollars, those that were backed by gold many years ago, have been replaced by fiat (fake) pieces of paper that Washington calls dollars. Each year (actually every day) our paper money buys less and less. Why? Because more paper money is printed without any backing whatsoever.

There is no definition of what is a dollar. Ask your banker or your politician. There is no official definition.

History has shown in every case this has been done the fiat currency ended becoming totally worthless. Going back to Roman times is an example, but a recent time was the Confederate money printed by the southern sates during the Civil War.

The second great error is the change from a capitalistic system to that of socialism. It is incrementally being put into place. Again history has shown it never works. When those who are successful are punished for success they leave and slowly the society dies. You cannot make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor.

Ask anyone today who is under 30 years of age: Who is Karl Marx? Most of them never heard of him and few understand the doctrine he taught. The demise of Russia is a recent example of the failure of socialism. A recent article in Pravda, the Russian newspaper, has advised its people not to invest in the United States because we are following the socialistic path on which their society collapsed. The basic concept is beautiful. It just doesn’t work because people will not live by it and the leaders will not live by it. Equality for all? Our politicians are abusing it to enrich themselves.

History has shown that when one half the populations starts to live off the other half society begins to decline ultimately leading to anarchy. Let us hope that is not our Darwinian scenario, but it is the current one Washington is putting into place.

Let us hope the Darwinian concept will not evolve this time.

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