JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained

Updated on 19 November 2011. Add PART 8.

Part 1

Too big too fail banks like JPM and HSBC have been artificially manipulating the price of silver and gold, scamming the tax payer, and ultimately will lead to the biggest financial disaster in the history of human financial civilization. The run on the comex has begun. The COMEX offered dollars instead of physical metal on December 1st silver deliveries. GAME OVER. Crash the JP. Buy physical.

Part 2

It seems like the JP Morgue and the BIS have been dabbling in God’s work. These bankers are in trouble in the physical silver and gold market, and they know it. The manipulation is going to be end in 2011 after a default of epic proportions, and it will be from their own stupidity.

Part 3

Get ready for the battle. The next two months will be an opportunity that may never come around again for a long, long time. The Silver manipulation is at its all time peak right now, they are throwing everything they can at it. Take delivery NOW!

Part 4

This is Part 4 of the series. There are lots of things going on behind the curtains. Silver and Gold are being manipulated to the extreme now as the end of the currency cycle has arrived. The shift has begun, and it will come with some pain.

Part 5

Part 6

Make no mistake we are at war. Paper will gravitate towards zero…and acquiring the physical metal will gravitate towards the heavens. Buy the Puts, buy the physical on dips, not the paper.

Part 7

This weekend will be a key indicator for the launch of QE3 on tuesday or the markets go to zero. Its The ben bernank’s choice now. After this week of blood shed in the markets, we will see if this was the catalyst for the money printing to start (or quantitative easing sorry) because if its not, we hope you are prepared.

Part 8

Sovereign debt and USA debt are at its tipping point. They are all sacking the rulers left with the Gold. The writing is on the wall. Paper or an eternity of Gold currency history. You choose.

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