20 Anomalies That Exist in Gold

By Groaner


After spending nearly 30 years in lumber and lumber hedging I instinctively know when a market feels non-interfered with, and I can readily identify the anomalies. Here are 20 anomalies that exist in gold that rarely, if ever occur in lumber:

1. Outside day upside reversals nearly always fail.

2. Technicals frequently run askew.

3. Daily chart patterns often look nearly identical.

4. Gold rallies stop at 1%, or, rarely 2%.

5. Gold price plunges are always more violent than price rises.

6. Gold futures margin hikes always impact gold negatively.

7. Gold prices wane on the market open.

8. Gold prices wane on the London close.

9. Gold exceedingly trades “counter-intuitively” on bullish news.

10. Gold often trades in lockstep with the Dow, or other fiat paper products.

11. Gold primarily rises only after U.S. markets are closed.

12. Gold FND and op. ex. days are nearly always bearish, rather than short squeezes.

13. Gold futures and derivatives determine price discovery, NOT physical.

14. Mining stock prices wane, signaling imminent failure in the POG.

15. Most mining companies won’t support, or even talk bullish about their own product.

16. True data regarding leased, loaned, or verifiable audited gold is nearly impossible to discern.

17. Those classified as “commercials” are heavily, and perennially short.

18. Those classified as “commercials” sell in thin markets without regard to maximizing profit.

19. Gold analysts who are given the most media attention are actually adversaries- bullion banks, Wall Street companies, derivative traders, etc.

20. Gold analysts who have been dead wrong for 12 years still have credibility, and even more amazing still have a job.

When you look at this list you begin to grasp the magnitude of effort the cartel deploys to discourage gold buying. You also get a perspective of how the odds exceedingly favor a spectacular failure of the manipulation in force. Nothing can go on for so long without producing a dire need for rectification. While gold has indeed risen from $260 to over $1,900 at one point the evidence suggests that heavy ammo has already been spent in that phase of containment. As James Turk suggests a gold price explosion would appear to be imminent.