A Clash Of Two Systems On A Global & Historic Scale

By Robert Fitzwilson
(founder of The Portola Group, one of the premier boutique firms in the United States)

The world’s money is based upon debt. It is begun by the magic of a sovereign or a government selling bonds to an entity such as the Bank of England. The Bank of England would then pay for the bonds by issuing paper money out of thin air.

The King or the government gets access to unlimited money and the banker gets access to unlimited income from the loans created from the circulation of the unlimited money. The best part of this for the bankers is that the debt underlying the money is tied to the taxing power of the state. You get unlimited income on steroids, but the existing and future wealth of the people via taxation is there in case of default.

Governments are interested in unlimited spending. Bankers are interested in unlimited income. Understanding the first two sentences of this paragraph explains everything. It is a clash of two systems on a global, historical scale. What few of us have understood is that this has been the most profitable wealth creating mechanism in the history of the world.

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