News – Bursa has potential to keep on growing

This is the first step to make a ‘bubble’. Once a bubble is formed, the only outcome is burst. Its only the matter how big and how long they can sustain the bubble. Also, the easiest way any government in the world want to paint a good picture of their country in term of economy, is to control the market.

“Malaysia’s stock market is stable and growing with a good outlook,” said Templeton Emerging Markets Group executive chairman Dr Mark Mobius.

Mobius, speaking at a media briefing on investing in emerging markets here yesterday, said the stock market was a reflection of the country’s economy.

“As the Malaysian government continues to liberalise its economy, the phase of growth will continue to boom,” he said, noting that although the economic situation was slow, it was only a short-term phenomena.

He said the thing that really helped Malaysia was the growing liberalisation of the market.

“The government is moving rapidly towards liberalisation of trade and communications.”