News – Government to set up 5 working groups to strengthen capital market

Market liberalisation promoted by the government and bankers is not to benefit the masses first but themselves. Just look at the composition of the list of “representatives” that make up the working groups –┬árepresentatives from regulatory agencies, market players, commercial banks and financial institutions, associations of remisiers, fund managers, analysts, government-linked investment companies and legal firms. All have their own interest in the capital market, which is? To make profit! For whom? Themselves first laa!!! Not us the common people who work our ass hard just to have enough money to invest in their rigged capital market using their own system and their own rules.


The capital market plays a far bigger role in the economy than before, for more people and businesses use the capital market to invest their savings and raise funds, he said.

He added liberalisation has brought more financing and investment options and has promoted more cross border flows, making the capital market a more efficient source of capital for economic development and globally connected.

“We have shown our strengths, whereby Malaysia is the leading IPO (initial public offering) venue in Asia this year, with Felda and IHH Healthcare listings attracting high interest from investors, both retail and institutional, as well as being the third largest bond market in Asia as a percentage of GDP (gross domestic product).

“Malaysia also recorded a strong double-digit growth in investment management industry, driven by unit trust growth, and we have a comprehensive Shariah regulatory framework and a major centre for innovation and intermediation of Shariah-compliant products,” he said.