Inflation in Argentina

Here is an interesting personal story of a guy in Argentina (now a banker) who lived through their currency collapse earlier this decade. He describes the phases – steps that happen before the collapse. He is not totally english proficient but this is very interesting regardless…his story correlates well with the other stories about the Argentina currency collapse and what happened…

“4) The politicians “keep spending to the end”


lunes 26 de enero de 2009

Strongman Shelford ‘s experience and predictions with meltdowns for YOU NOW.

Hi . You all know me
For those who don`t know me, I am a bank analyst in South America .
I trading stocks for almost more than 10 years. I followed the US markets for years too.
I have lived my first hyperinflation times in full conciousness at the age of 9.
I remembered those times in a very clear way.
Times like 50% inflation per MONTH OR MORE. yES. Prices just double in matter of weeks.
I remembered the people talking about the DOLLAR ( save haven) every day every week.
The key was to collect your month pay, and run to buy all the food and stuff.
I remember that While we were shopping , a food store employee was changing prices with some kind of machine, can by can, product by product.
The key was to grab your food to the cashier before it got the new “price tag”. ( not all the food store owned those codbars systems like now).

Life made me live in full consciouness the Argentinian collapse in 2001.
Just like the Iceland collapse of now.

Bank run, devaluation overnight… freezing bank accounts, mess, president and economy minister escaping in a helicopter… food shortages… riots…the whole mess.

I got a business degree some years after the collapse at a very prestigious university . With this knowledge, I looked backward and I could understand the crisis very well. There are “Patterns” developing before a total meltdown.

I am trying to build your confidence in my words. Since I am afraid to tell you that most of the American people and certainly most of the people in the planet CANNOT ACCEPT THAT AMERICA IS HEADING TO A TOTAL MELTDOWN SOON. I DON`T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE LIVE IN DENIAL.
I HAVE ALERTED FRIENDS, RELATIVES, and even some co-workers.

But people live in “denial”. America is “super power”. “The dollar will not collapse.” ” It is “safe haven” for all the countries… ” So, the whole sheeple of all the countries around the world live in denial about this great event that is going to take place , i believe, this year or next year.

I read 2 or 3 hours per day news from all around the world ( business news , market news: CNBC,BLOOMBERg,CNN MONEY,blogs, message boards, you name it).

And you can see a “shift in the paradigm” and these patterns developing that is SO CLEAR that you can`t believe why so many people cannot see it.

This guy , H. Paulson was a crook right?
Ok, now there is another “crook” who is taking care of the “Treasury” ( being looted thorough “stimulus package” and providing a real party of inside trading there for crook friends)

The new guy, T. Geithner> he is starting very well! ( Senate look away “his tax income issues” …LOL)
AND THE arrogant stupid is telling CHINA ( country with the power to decide when USA is going to collapse) “hey you are manipulating your currency”.
China, with their chinese patience, politely responded “mind your own business , moron. Eh, No, I am not interested in bringing you chaos right now. Go play with your printing press for now…”
IT is just unbeliavable.
And the SOLUTION: BUY THE PROBLEM. YES . Just create a bank to dump the garbage…or nationalize all the banks. let`s “buy the problem”. LOL.
YOU CAN`T BUY THE PROBLEM!!! They are just winning time ( a.k.a looting the treasury to last moment) before everything goes to hell.


1) STATES or provinces collapse BEFORE federal government ( it happens in all collapsing economies. Just read economic history)

>> Pattern visible in USA: California and other states

2) DEBT/GDP > above 100% and rising

>> I think is above 300% ( not counting the biggest liabilities I think)


>> This was the thing that brought Argentina to its knees.
>> USA is totally visible. Both “twin deficits” formed a “guaranteed” pattern of doom.

4) The politicians “keep spending to the end”

>> These happened in most of the countries which headed quickly to total collapse. This is clearly visible in USA. The incoming president proposed the “Change” and brought more of 3) More deficit ( Obama plan 1 trillion dollar in february 2009)
This is EXACTLY what happened in Argentina. The “new president” proposed the “change”, but he brought more spending and country collapsed later. He escaped in a helicopter.

5) Smart money escaped to foreign assets or hard assets.

>>I am TIRED of reading about this. Thank GOD THERE IS smart and honest PEOPLE warning there like Peter Schiff to the sheeple masses.

6) Honest politicians are ignored or “minimized” by MAIN MEDIA.

>>> this is what happened to Ron Paul. They only congressman I heard that understood very well the situation of the general economy. Maybe there are more out there. I don`t know.

7) In this kind of “BIG meltdowns” people live “above their credit possibilites” too. Not just the government.

> pattern is clearly visible too. A “credit card bubble” and “home equity spending” ( home equity spending, that is just amazing! Americans do it big)

8) A minority of smart people started to get ready for the collapse.

> There is always a “smart minority” that take advantage of meltdowns.
I will tell you WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST BUSINESS in Argentina :
a) take a mortgage loan
b) buy a house ( in USA is difficult since a housing bubble burst simultaneously, so maybe it is not a fully applicable for the US meltdown)
c) convert all your saving to foreing and safe assets
d) wait overnight devaluation
e) brinng back your assets .
f) cancel your debt.
g) Shazaaam! A house for a tiny part of your savings! Well done !

Ok, enough of economic history.

Bond bubble is starting to burst.

gold & silver is moving up again.

1) Be careful with your pension “money” ( IRA)

These are my best wishes for all you.

It took me 20 minutes think and write this for you. I am sure it will help, and save you money!

Best wishes.

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