Bulkowski’s Farsighted vs Responsive Trading – Randy Andy

Randy Andy is a farsighted trader wannabe. He followed the same preparation as Lucky Lil by interviewing top traders, gathering resources such as computers, software, and books, while keeping his day job. He spent countless hours researching trading setups, ones to make money, but also the physical layout of his trading office.

A year went by and he was still adjusting the monitors. When he had it down perfectly, he saw a picture of another trader with larger screens and decided that the layout he had just wouldn’t do. He scrapped it all and went with a bank of larger monitors, starring at him like giant eyeballs.

After that, he started searching for a broker to handle his trades. Should he go with a full service broker or a discount shop? He couldn’t decide. He listened to other traders, polled the audience in a chat room for suggestions, looked at recommendations from his favorite trading magazines. Another year went by.

Five years later, his office has been re-equipped with new computers, larger monitors, upgraded furniture with the best software that money can by. He is still shopping for a broker, after dumping the last five, still doing research on the best trading techniques, still pondering whether he wants to trade stocks, futures, or options. He hasn’t made up his mind if day trading, swing trading, or position trading are right for him.

Randy Andy is a farsighted trader that has yet to trade. He uses the many choices of creating a startup business as an excuse not to move forward. He is using the plannin

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